How to proof your house against rodents this season

How to proof your house against rodents this season

As temperatures drop and holidays approach, professional rodent exterminators remind homeowners to take the necessary steps to proof their homes against unwanted visitors. When the temperatures go down, pests such as rats and mice begin looking for warmer places to shelter and food, which means that your cozy home could be at risk. If you are looking to proof your home against rodents this fall, then rodent exterminator Encino CA offers some tips on rat and mouse proofing.

The threat

Besides being a nuisance in your home, rodents such as rats and mice are vectors for a wide range of diseases including murine typhus, Salmonella, rat-bite fever, and infectious jaundice and the fatal Hantavirus. So, it is essential for homeowners to spot rodent infestation in their compound and take the necessary precaution to keep them off.

Signs of rodent infestation

Luckily, it is easy to spot and prevent rodent infestations. Even if you don’t see the rodents, but you notice any of the following signs, then make sure to call an expert sooner rather than later. Sometimes, rodent control isn’t a simple catch-all solution. An expert will employ different approaches that will eventually rid your home of these creatures. The following tips will help you in spotting unwanted rodents in your shed, yard or house.


Rodents often leave behind pellet-like dropping in places where there is food such as under the sinks, kitchen cabinets and in the waste bins. Anytime time you see these dropping, even if you haven’t come face-to-face with the creature, know that you have visitors in your home.

Gnaw marks

Rodents are extremely destructive creatures. Mice will bite through wood, walls, and wires. The damage to the electrical wiring increases the risk of house fires. On the other hand, rats will chew clothes, papers and a wide range of items in the house. If you don’t see your important documents destroyed, then you need to get rid of them immediately.


While conducting your routine checkup, you might come across rodent nests in the dark and secluded areas such as the attic. Be on the lookout for packing materials, shredded papers, and fabrics. Rodents love building their nests with these materials.

Strange noises

Rodents can cause you sleepless nights as they gnaw on the walls at night. They are also highly productive with the litter making a lot of noise, especially at night. One of the steps in rodent control is exclusion. The following tips will help keep your home pest-free this season.

Mostly, rodents access the house through cracks and holes in your home. Remember that a creature such as mice can fit through a very tiny hole. Therefore, sealing all the holes and cracks can help in keeping them off. Rodents also love hiding in clutter, so keeping your store organized can help in keeping them away.

Rodents can also access the house through doors and windows. Ensure that you replace damaged screens in windows and install door sweeps. Also, take care of all moisture sites such as the kitchens and bathrooms.