Why Timber Truss Designs are still so Common

Why Timber Truss Designs are still so Common

You might have heard talk about how timber roof designs are better. You might have even heard talk regarding how one should frame their entire home in wood. A quick google of, “timber frames sydney,” will show that in the U.S., Canada and Australia, timber truss roofs are the most popular designs. These timber truss roofs offer advantages to both residential and commercial builders. We’ll be taking a much closer look at the most important advantages here.

Flexibility Happens to be a Paramount Concern

Perhaps you’ve heard that wooden trusses are more flexible. What’s that mean? Well, consider this; wooden trusses can easily be mixed with trusses (and other components,) that are not wood. This is the very definition of flexibility! Some wooden truss roofs are entirely made from wood, but most have metal plating that is bolted on for extra support. Some models even have the addition of other metal or even steel trusses thrown into the mix. A lot more roofing strategies are simply open to the builder that chooses to work with a wooden roof design.

It’s Good for the Environment Too

Remember how trees breath? Wood breaths the same way. It releases Carbon Dioxide into the environment and then steals the carbon molecule back. You know what that means? Oxygen is the bi-product that gets spit right back out. While most forms of construction leave a nasty carbon foot print, building out of wood can actually help to alleviate such footprints. We need to all work together to reduce our collective footprint over the course of this next decade or the results could be devastating!

The Production Process Makes Wood Trusses Stronger

The means by which the wooden trusses are frabricated and built often makes them stronger. Think about how a steel truss is manufactured. It would be tougher to get the same level of perfection and uniformity with molten steel wouldn’t it? Of course it would! This is why wooden trusses are typically so much more uniform than their steel counterparts. Uniformity is what helps build strength in construction. Preconceived notions of what material is considered stronger can easily interfere with the facts. Wooden truss designs are stronger.

They are Easier to Build with!

If you are unfamiliar with the level of heavy machinery often required to install steel trusses, you might be surprised to see how much machinery is required. No machinery is required to set wooden trusses. The heaviest types of machinery are required for steel trusses. Heavy machinery requires higher labor costs because a higher number of professionals are required to spend hours running said equipment. With wood this is just not the case.

These Roofs will only Become more Popular

It is predicted that these wooden truss roofs are likely to continue their growth in popularity. Climate concerns, cost concerns, and concerns over the economic nature of building construction will ensure this.